ESG Report

ESG Report

Based on its solid strength of shareholders, CECEP takes full advantage of the global network resources of its shareholders, so as to deeply develop the areas of sustainable development and environmental protection. By virtue of its rich practical experience and thorough understanding of the “Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide” published by HKEx, CECEP is dedicated to provide customized full-ranged integrated solutions to companies who bearing environmental protection and social responsibilities, and prepare ESG reports for companies listed in Hong Kong in accordance with the requirements of HKEx.

CECEP Environmental Consulting Group has a professional corporate governance and environmental consultant team. With professional environmental data analysis capabilities, the team can customize full-ranged integrated solutions according to each client's unique needs.

WSFG’s ESG Report Service include:

  • Issuance of ESG Report—— Assist companies in the preparation of ESG reports in accordance with the requirements of HKEx and customers' own needs


Extra Value-added services include:

  • Certification of green bonds by third parties —— Assist companies in the certification of green bonds by third parties, so as to reduce financing cost and build a corporate image of sustainable development
  • Environmental consulting service —— We have strong domestic and overseas teams of environmental consultants, who have the in-depth ability in giving professional environmental protection suggestions and providing comprehensive energy-saving technology.