Chairman Statement

Wonderful Sky Financial Group is the first and only financial communications service provider listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Company has extensive experience in financial PR, corporate branding and financial printing and it is the only provider capable of servicing A+H shares companies. Being the leader in the market, we have widely recognized track record in participating in well-known IPO and Post-IPO advisory projects. Looking forward, although the business environment is still full of uncertainties, we believe the global economy has gradually been improving. The financial communications industry in mainland China and Hong Kong will continue to be benefited from the healthy and enduring growth potential, particularly due to the long-term momentum and opportunities brought by the capital market connection between mainland China and Hong Kong.

To respond to dynamic trends in the capital market, the Group will continue to seize market opportunities and develop cross-border business platforms, integrating the collaborative effort between our Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas teams. The Group has a unique “Ten-In-One” business model, integrating our strength in Public Relation, Investor Relations, Financial Printing, International Roadshow, Brand Promotion, ESG Reporting, Corporate Headhunting, Equity Investment, Asset Management and Commercial Insurance. Through our innovative development in these businesses, we continue to improve the depth and breadth of our service and product offering.

Moving forward, the Group continues to invest and develop around big data and information technology. The Group established its own financial services platform, the “Wonderful Sky Cloud”. This new mobile platform integrates online and offline businesses, providing capital market professionals and senior executives of listed companies with sophisticated data analytic and information communication services. We believe this digital initiative not only helps in expanding the Group’s online business and increasing overall client loyalty, it is also a major milestone in the footprint of our regional expansion.

Wonderful Sky Financial Group has an extensive global network across major financial hubs, allowing the Group and its subsidiaries to deliver to clients their in-depth local knowledge and international perspectives. Our highly dedicated PR professionals strive to grow with clients and to maximize value and return, aiming to maintain a mutual trust and strengthen collaborative relationship with our clients.

Looking ahead, the Group will continue to leverage its industry experience, skill set and knowhow to further develop new growth potential. We will further invest in the research and development of innovative services with a view to strengthen our leading position in the industry.


Liu Tianni