Chairman Statement

Wonderful Sky is acknowledged as the leading IPOs and Post-IPOs advisory which integrating A +H shares corporate services. Being the leader of the market, we established a track record of participating on world’s best known projects. Looking forward, the Group expects that the business environment will continue to be full of challenges; nevertheless the global economy has already gradually improved. The financial PR industry in the mainland China and Hong Kong will still enjoy long and healthy growth potentials, particularly due to the long-term driving force and opportunities brought by the Mainland-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

In order to tailor to the dynamic business environment of the capital market, the Group will capture the industry opportunity, continue to develop cross-border business platform which facing home and abroad market with Hong Kong and mainland teams collaborate seamlessly. The Group has developed businesses in public relations, investor relations, financial printing, brand creatively and international roadshow. The layout of Five-In-One helps to systematically expand and innovate the business development, thereby providing more services to the clients.

Followed by the step, the Group continues searching for development in the area of data and information technology, and established a financial service platform, the “Wonderful Cloud”. By combining both online and offline services, the new mobile/web based platform provides the professionals in capital market and executives of listed companies with professional data services and a communication platform. It is expected that the step will not only help to expand new online business for the Group, but also contribute to increasing the client loyalty as well as helping regional expansion.

At Wonderful Sky, we have a global reach across global financial centres, allowing Wonderful Sky offices and subsidiaries to offer in-depth local knowledge combined with international perspectives. Our highly professional experts are devoted, we grow with our clients, maximising the best value and return, achieving mutual trust and beneficial partnership with our clients.

Looking ahead, the Group will continue leveraging its experience, skill set and knowhow to develop new growth potentials and create new cutting edge services so as to solidify our leading position in the future. 


Liu Tianni