Corporate Branding

Our dedicated branding specialists offer one-stop planning and execution solutions for clients’ capital and retail market promotion goals.  We develop multi-dimensional branding strategies and creative design for IPO clients and retainers targeting investors, potential investors and relevant consumer groups, we also possess strong media network, through which we keep good partnership with clients and a wide range of service providers. 

We strive to provide customers with customized and comprehensive branding solutions for the best publicity effect. Through focused and well-coordinated branding programs, we help to create and sustain the client’s brand reputation and investor loyalty in the capital market, and optimize the client’s investment values against market fluctuations. 

WSFG’s corporate branding services including:

  • Outdoor billboard in Hong Kong airport, urban area, tunnels, etc.
  • Neon billboard on building rooftops on both sides of Victoria Harbour
  • Public transportation promotion
  • Print media promotion
  • TV promotion
  • Network platform promotion
  • Pop up ads or banners on mobile application
  • Special projects: three-dimensional display, mobile showroom, etc.