Corporate Branding

Our professional brand strategy team offers clients one-stop solution in formulating and implementing brand strategies, providing IPO and listed corporate clients with diversified and innovative ideas to raise the brand awareness, attracting potential investors and capital market participants. We have a strong media network and we maintain very good relationship with different service providers.

We strive to provide clients with comprehensive tailor-made branding solutions, with a view to achieve the best marketing effect. Through our customized branding strategy, we assist clients in creating and maintaining brand awareness, enhancing investors’ loyalty and optimizing clients’ value and return in the capital market.


Our Corporate Branding Services include:

  • Outdoor Billboard around areas like Hong Kong Airport, downtown, tunnels, toll roads etc.
  • LED Neon Billboard on building rooftops on both sides of Victoria Harbour
  • Promotion on Public Transportation
  • Print Media Promotion
  • TV Promotion
  • Digital Platform Promotion
  • Pop up Ads or Banners on Mobile Application
  • Special Projects: 3D display, Mobile Showroom, etc.