When was Wonderful Sky Financial Group (“WSFG”) Incorporated?

WSFG was incorporated and commenced our Financial PR service in 1996.

When was the initial public offering (IPO)?

WSFG launched the IPO on 19 March 2012 and was listed on 30 March 2012.

Where is the WSFG listed?

The stock is listed on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx).

What is the Stock Symbol (Ticker)?

WSFG's stock symbol on Hong Kong Stock Exchange is 1260.

What kind of Financial PR services does WSFG provide?

WSFG's 'Five-In-One Core' financial service platform seeks the best solution for every client:

  1. PR services: building and maintaining a client’s corporate image. It presents the positive corporate image of a company to the public and the media through various activities and channels.
  2. Investor relation: providing in-depth corporate information to investors and shareholders and to provide the companies with investors’ views and recommendations in a timely manner so as to boost investors’ confidence and facilitate a two-way communication.
  3. Financial printing: production of annual report and interim report, designing of covers, typesetting, advertising and translation.
  4. Branding in the capital market: rendering the IPO and Non-IPO clients with the comprehensive branding strategies requisite for attracting more consumer groups and potential investors in the capital market.
  5. International roadshows: IR Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has been designated to coordinate the logistics of local and international roadshows for clients, so as to ensure that investor presentations run smoothly.

How many IPO projects have WSFG done since inception?

WSFG has done over 300 IPO projects.

What is WSFG’s competitive advantage?

WSFG is the first listed professional financial PR consultancy in the world and became the first Chinese enterprise to introduce internationally professional financial PR services.

WSFG aspires to help client improve the recognition and reception from the capital market, respond to investors’ requirements, build favorable relationships with the media and provide consultancy expertise for enterprises’ innovation and strategic development. The Group, with more than 150 non-IPO clients, has an excellent performance record. Combining an in-depth knowledge of the domestic clients’ needs and enterprises’ characteristics with the rules in the Hong Kong capital market and media industry, WSFG is dedicated to providing customized professional financial PR services for clients. 

How do I get information about latest company events?

Please visit "News".  For any enquiry, please contact po@wsfg.hk

When is the upcoming AGM of WSFG?

Please visit “Company Events” for upcoming AGM.

Who is the independent auditor of the firm?

WSFG's independent auditor firm is Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

When is WSFG’s accounting year?

WSFG's accounting year is from April 1st to March 31st of each year. The results are announced every 6 months. Please visit "Company Events" for upcoming results announcements and schedules.

What is WSFG’s dividend policy?

WSFG pays 40% - 50% of our net profit after tax for the financial years commencing on or after the Listing in cash. Proposed final dividend and special dividend is representing approximately 60% of the net profit after tax of the second-half year 2011.

What will be WSFG’s development strategy and its vision?

To better cope with an ever expanding clientele as well as mounting demands from clients, WSFG has kept abreast of times through unremitting efforts in explorations and innovations, and divided the industry chain into segments whilst extending its service areas. For years, it has supported its clients to go from strength to strength all along.

Based on the vision of "our client's success is our greatest inspiration", WSFG has divided its PR teams by industries and integrate the outcome of industry researches with points and coverage of corporate services to form a professional and streamlined business sector that brings significant synergy and symbiotic effect. On one hand, the Company will reinforce its leading position in the Hong Kong market and explore acquisition and merger opportunities. In the meantime, WSFG is expanding its A+H business rapidly and is handling the registration of a wholly-owned subsidiary in Beijing. A project pipeline is being set up and the recruitment of talents is underway. The management is fully confident in its development of A share financial PR services. 

How do I contact WSFG’s IR department?




+852 2851 1038


+852 2598 1588


6/F Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong