International Roadshow

Founded in 2004, IR Global Roadshow Ltd. is a subsidiary of Wonderful Sky.  We are headquartered in Hong Kong with branches and partners across the globe, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Singapore, UEA, London, Frankfurt, Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco etc. IR Global provides one-stop public relations and roadshow management services,  streamlining the communication procedures between all units, we iron out the difficulty arising from multi-party cooperation by conducting direct communication with the PR team.

We have the strongest in-house execution team in industry with proven strong capability. Our team members are experienced in ensuring effective communication between clients and counterparties, we are equipped with overseas experience, our local and global knowledge enables us to handle crisis in a proficient way, and therefore we are no doubt one of the most capable team in the roadshow industry.

WSFG roadshow services both Deal/ Non Deal include:

  1. Overall Project management
    • Senior relationship management
    • On-the-road support
  2. Logistics arrangement
    • Schedule planning
    • Transportation arrangements
  3. Roadshow desk supporting functions
    • 24 hours Roadshow Desk Support
    • Coordination of Roadshow Schedule
    • Overseas Staging and Technical Support
    • Investor Presentation Materials Preparation