International Roadshow

Founded in 2004, IR Global Roadshow Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wonderful Sky Financial Group. We are headquartered in Hong Kong with offices and partners in major financial hubs across the globe, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, London, Frankfurt, Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. IR Global Roadshow provides one-stop seamless public relations and international roadshow management services. We aim to streamline the flow of communication among roadshow organizers, counterparties and clients and ensure an efficient marketing program.

IR Global Roadshow has the best and most capable in-house execution team, with local and overseas experience. Our on the ground experience enables us to handle ad-hoc issues and crisis proficiently and efficiently. We are widely recognized by the capital market as the best roadshow services provider.


Our Deal and Non-deal Roadshow Services include:

  1. Overall Project Management
    • Senior Relationship Management
    • On-the-road Support
  2. Logistics Arrangement
    • Schedule Planning
    • Travel Arrangements
  3. Roadshow Desk Support
    • 24 hours Roadshow Desk Support
    • Coordination of Roadshow Schedule
    • Organization of Overseas Events and Technical Support
    • Preparation of Investor Presentation Material
  4. Online Roadshow (Cloud Roadshow)
    • Wonderful Sky Financial Group partners with clients in identifying potential investors. Through our online cloud platform, senior corporate management can access to overseas shareholders and potential investors for an in-depth communication on company development.
    • Through the support from our enormous onshore and offshore team of PR, roadshow and IR professionals, we provide a one-stop service, from identifying target investors, initiating invitations, to setting up online one-on-one meeting connection. Our team will brief senior management on investors’ concerns and prepare investor presentation materials prior to the meeting. Throughout the roadshow, our team will provide on the ground support to ensure seamless execution. We will also provide clients with a post event report including final participants list, meeting duration, investor feedback, etc.