03 Nov 2020

Wonderful Sky Financial Group Assists JW (Cayman) Therapeutics Co. Ltd (Stock Code: 2126.HK) with the Successful Listing on HKEx

JW (Cayman) Therapeutics Co. Ltd (Stock Code: 2126) was successfully listed and commenced trading on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”) today.


JW Therapeutics is a leading clinical and pre-clinical stage cell therapy company in China. The vision of the Company is to develop innovative cell therapies for the China market to transform the treatment of cancer for Chinese patients. Since their founding in 2016 by Juno and WuXi AppTec (through its wholly-owned subsidiary WXAT Shanghai), JW Therapeutics has built an integrated platform focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing breakthrough cell-based immunotherapies for hematological cancers and solid tumors. Relmacabtagene autoleucel (“relma-cel”), their lead product candidate, is an autologous anti-CD19 CAR-T therapy for relapsed or refractory (“r/r”) B-cell lymphoma. In June 2020 the NMPA accepted for review our NDA relating to relma-cel as a third-line treatment for DLBCL, and in September 2020 the NMPA granted priority review status to their NDA relating to relma-cel.


JW Therapeutics is an early entrant into the field of cell-based immunotherapy in China. Cell-based immunotherapy is a field which represents a paradigm shift and the latest advancement in the treatment of cancer. Cell-based immunotherapies, including CAR-T treatments, are an innovative treatment method that uses human immune cells to fight cancer. Supported by multiple clinical studies, cell-based immunotherapies could lead to long-lasting remissions of B-cell lymphomas and leukemias which are refractory to other treatments. Refractory diseases are those that are resistant at the beginning of a treatment or become resistant during the course of the treatment. According to the report, the target indications for relma-cel, namely 3L DLBCL, 3L FL and 3L MCL, had an addressable market estimated to have a prevalence of approximately 28.7 thousand, 5.2 thousand and 3.4 thousand patients respectively in China in 2019, after taking into account the effectiveness of prior lines of treatment in China. Given the unmet medical needs that can be effectively addressed by CAR-T therapies, according to Frost & Sullivan, the market for CAR-T therapies in China is expected to grow from RMB0.6 billion in 2021 to RMB5.4 billion in 2024, and to RMB24.3 billion in 2030.


As the only major integrated financial communications company in the world that is listed on the HKEx, Wonderful Sky will continue to provide a "one-stop” and ten-in-one prime financial public relations services, including financial public relations, investor relations, international roadshows, financial printing , corporate branding, ESG report, asset management, corporate doctor, Compulsory and Commercial Insurance and headhunting program. “Your Success is Our Inspiration” is the motto of Company's Group, by which we strive to become the select partner of listed companies for the long term by offering customized and professional services to Company's clients.