15 Jan 2020

Wonderful Sky Financial Group Assists Jiumaojiu International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 9922.HK) with the Successful Listing on HKEx

Jiumaojiu International Holdings Limited (Stock Code:9922) was successfully listed and commenced trading on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”) today.


Jiumaojiu International Holdings Limited is a leading Chinese cuisine restaurant brand manager and operator in China, focusing on serving cuisines with quick services, and creating a casual and upscale ambience with modern decoration of their restaurants which are primarily located in shopping malls. They operated 287 restaurants and managed 41 franchised restaurants, covering 39 cities in 15 provinces and four municipalities in the PRC. In pursuit of their philosophy of serving delicacies at affordable prices (‘‘好吃不貴”), they are fully devoted to providing marvelous dining experience to their customers through exquisite dishes, high-quality services and unique dining ambience. The innovation has been deeply rooted in the corporate culture. Throughout the operating history of more than two decades, they have been constantly improving their recipes, services and restaurant style to cater to the prevailing market trend and customers’ preferences.


Jiumaojiu currently manages and operates five self-developed distinctive brands, namely, Jiu Mao Jiu, Tai Er, Double Eggs, Cooking Spicy Kebab and Uncle Chef. They owned and operated 143 Jiu Mao Jiu restaurants, 121 Tai Er restaurants, 21 Double Eggs restaurants, one Cooking Spicy Kebab restaurant and one Uncle Chef restaurant, and managed 41 franchised Double Eggs restaurants. They plan to open approximately 370 new self-operated restaurants from 2019 to 2021, among which approximately 240 restaurants are under Tai Er, approximately 54 restaurants are under Jiu Mao Jiu, and approximately 76 restaurants are under their other brands. Also, they plan to have approximately 460 new franchised Double Eggs restaurants from 2019 to 2021.


As the only major integrated financial communications company in the world that is listed on the HKEx, Wonderful Sky will continue to provide a "one-stop” and ten-in-one prime financial public relations services, including financial public relations, investor relations, international roadshows, financial printing , corporate branding, ESG report, asset management, corporate doctor, Compulsory and Commercial Insurance and headhunting program. “Your Success is Our Inspiration” is the motto of Company's Group, by which we strive to become the select partner of listed companies for the long term by offering customized and professional services to Company's clients.