17 Dec 2020

Wonderful Sky Financial Group Assists NETJOY HOLDINGS LIMITED (Stock Code: 2131.HK) with the Successful Listing on HKEX

NETJOY HOLDINGS LIMITED (Stock Code: 2131) was successfully listed and commenced trading on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”) today.


NETJOY is a leading short video marketing solutions provider and an online content services provider focusing on pan-entertainment in China. According to iResearch, the short video marketing market is an important component and driver of the overall online marketing market, with a market share of 15.9% in terms of revenue in 2019. NETJOY contributed to approximately 0.5% of the total revenue of the overall online marketing market in China in 2019. According to iResearch, as of June 30, 2020, there were in aggregate approximately 40,000 online marketing solutions providers available in the short video marketing market in the PRC. According to iResearch, NETJOY was the third largest online marketing solutions provider in China in 2019 in terms of gross billing generated from short video advertisements, with a market share of 3.4%. NETJOY also operates a pan-entertainment-oriented content platform through their Huabian website and its mobile terminal (collectively “Huabian Platform”), presenting attention catching pan-entertainment articles and photos to internet users. In addition, NETJOY produces quality and appealing content for audiences and advertisers, such as short videos, movie and television stars interview programs, and entertainment news programs. NETJOY acts as a middleman connecting advertising customers and media partners.


During the Track Record Period, Supplier A was NETJOY’s single largest supplier. NETJOY is one of the 100 to 250 online marketing solutions providers that had contractual relationship with Supplier A in 2019. NETJOY’s gross billing generated through Supplier A’s content distribution platforms accounted for approximately 37.7%, 85.2%, 87.1% and 84.8% of their total gross billing in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and the six months ended June 30, 2020. NETJOY enters into annual framework agreements with Supplier A, which are subject to annual renewal. NETJOY has successfully renewed such agreements with Supplier A on similar key terms and conditions since 2017. NETJOY delivers their online marketing solutions primarily through top online publishers in China, such as Douyin, Huoshan, Xigua Video and Kuaishou.


As the only major integrated financial communications company in the world that is listed on the HKEx, Wonderful Sky will continue to provide a "one-stop” and ten-in-one prime financial public relations services, including financial public relations, investor relations, international roadshows, financial printing , corporate branding, ESG report, asset management, corporate doctor, Compulsory and Commercial Insurance and headhunting program. “Your Success is Our Inspiration” is the motto of Company's Group, by which we strive to become the select partner of listed companies for the long term by offering customized and professional services to Company's clients.