Wonderful Sky Cloud— the one-stop solution to cross-border online roadshows

Launched by the Wonderful Sky Cloud APP, Wonderful Sky Cloud provides an exclusive one-stop solution to cross-border online roadshows, offering the benefits of ultra-HD live video and synchronized global roadshows. It enables executives of listed companies to meet global investors without geographical restrictions.

Wonderful Sky Cloud covers executives, the management of listed companies, financial analysts from institutions, individual investors and financial media reporters in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. The Wonderful Sky Cloud APP is available in the App Store and the app store for Android, and offers users the following benefits. Downloadable with only a single tap, its interface is clear and user-friendly.

Advantages of Wonderful Sky Cloud:

——More than 600 PR professionals provide one-stop services, covering the whole process from planning to execution. Well experienced in handling investor matters and coping with complex situations, the team always ensures their responsible roadshows run smoothly.

——Its network covers more than 100,000 financial analysts from institutions and over 1,200 listed companies and has accumulated tens of millions of views by investors.

——In collaboration with [Tencent Stocks], [Live Sina Finance Broadcast], etc., Wonderful Sky Cloud has successfully broadcasted over 100 world-captivating listing ceremonies, press conferences, and industry summits, drawing tens of millions of viewers.

——Its live broadcast functions are powerful, allowing the simultaneous broadcasting of ultra-clear audio and video worldwide, investors to leave messages to interact with listed companies, and the online sharing of various types of documents. It even provides real-time market information and powerful databases to assist trading decision.

How to download:

For IOS users, please log in the Apple Store and search for "Wonderful Sky Cloud", or scan the QR code below to immediately experience it.

For Android users, please log in the App Gallery and search for "Wonderful Sky Cloud", or scan the QR code below to immediately experience it.

For more information, please contact:

Chinese Mainland:

Demi (+86 15989469262)

Hong Kong:

Martin Qi (+852 3970 2162)

Katherine Huang (+852 3970 2269)

Email: help@wscloud.hk